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Why learn from us?

Accessible Lessons

Get online access anytime to our video-driven lessons with easy to follow instructions.

Inspired Methods

Rooted in concepts from the Harvard Arts-in-Ed program, and created by professionals.

Global Creativity

History, culture, and big picture connections with world-class creativity, for ages K-6.

Featured Classes


International Color Bundle

4 Classes, $30

This bundle features four lessons, each highlighting a masterful use of color.

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Minicrew Cut-it-out

Ages 7+, $5

Print, color, and assemble this fun Minicrew activity from your own home!

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City Window

Ages 5+, FREE

Create a colorful piece of art in the city inspired by Georgette Seabrooke

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About us

We are a team of arts professionals on a mission: to make world-class arts education more accessible, relevant, and dynamic for kids, schools, and parents.
Rebecca ~ Co-founder / Educator
An art teacher for 20+ years with a B.A. in Literature, and an EdM in Arts-in-Education from Harvard.
Ben ~ Co-founder / Designer
Graphic/UI designer with a B.F.A. in design/illustration and experience with high profile tech clients.

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